Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Landscape brainstorming

Honestly, it's so embarrassing to share pics of our house. I know it's a (HUGE) work in progress...and I know YOU know it's a WIP, but still.

Anyway, rather than destruction we are going for PROduction this time. In the form of a front flower bed. (to hopefully distract from this spring/summer's scraping of the house)

The left side shows Aaron's idea of swirving the bricks out and around the porch. The right side shows my frugal idea of a smaller front-only bed to save money. :) After looking at it, I was won over to Aaron's idea.

I would like to put 2 of those ornamental, spiral trees on either side of the porch. Should they be on the SIDES (hiding the steps)...or in front of the pillars...or sort of diagonally out from each pillar in the rounded part of the bricks???

We are so not landscapers. I'd love some suggestions!
I'm going to put colorful hanging baskets on the porch, as well as maybe a couple large potted plants. But I'm very open to any suggestions/ideas you might have!


beena said...

With a big house like that, personally I think you almost need to go bigger with the landscaping. I like the left side. The smaller just gets lost in the size of the porch. Pop the landscaping so it's more of a focal point.

Counting the bricks that are on the left (IMG_0942), from right to left, I'd go about 6 over and drop the tree there. Kinda out from the corner of the pillar. You're going to want to give them room to grow, and being close to the steps may eventually become a pita. You may be able to find a small planter to sit on the step, if room provides and have something trailing over into the flower bed or maybe a smaller shrub like plant, that doesn't take a lot of grooming or grow big for that area. Like some buckeyes or something like that. Or even an ornamental grass.

The place is going to be gorgeous! The house has so much charm and I don't think it's embarrassing at all! What color are you going to be painting? I'm excited for you!!

Michael said...

I'm not really a landscaper, either, but I also prefer the larger curve of bricks.

As for where to put the spiral trees... I don't know. Maybe diagonally from the corners? I think they'll look nice wherever they go. :o)

The large potted plants and hanging baskets sound good to me, too.

I'm sure whatever you do will look great-- and *will* distract from the paint scraping. :o)

Anonymous said...

HI...Your porch could use a white railing...I'd go for shepards rods too. Make your bricks for the front is so much less expensive than buying premade can embellish them with so many things its not even funny. You can even add colored dry pigment to the concrete. You can get a bag of easy mix concrete for $1.50 and that should cover up to 5 bricks. It did for us anyway and they look so nice. Have fun!!!!

Theresa said...

Hi, Christie. I have a few recommendations. Your front porch needs a railing (White would spruce it up), I'd paint the landing with a garage floor paint (prevents slipping, won't flake and is actually neat looking). The garage paint comes in color so you can choose. I am thorougly against flowers up tight to the foundation of the house--adds moisture and can cause mold. Mold is bad for asthma. I think a really deep chocolate brown with white trim would set your house off (hides paint chips). Whiskey barrels are awesome for putting flowers in. I don't know if you have an Old Time Pottery store but they have them cheap. Shepards rods are really cool too. They come in a variety of styles and if you time it right you can get them for as little as $2.00. Have fun!

Lotus Charms said...

Man... a white canvas. Thats really nice. I would start off by planting some trees. If you're a flower person you have got to buy some flowering trees. Once you start getting some shade you can plant some flowers on the base of those trees. (In my experience buy some flower seeds) They are cheaper and you get a nice feeling seeing them grow from seed. A nice cheap and pretty flowers are zinnias. They flower almost all year and the old flowers turn into seeds. I have loads of them in case you want me to send you some. Ay, dont get me started talking about plants cause I'll never stop. Send me an email if you're intrested. :)

Zaphod said...

Personally, I would put railing between the pillars of the porch, doesn't have to be expensive, just something to define it.

Then I would plant a hedge in front of that, and then finally, in front of that, some flowers, maybe a birdbath, some kind of statuary.

Don't forget to add a porch swing too.

Once you have things stripped down, you may want to run electricity to the outer pillars, or all of them, and put some nice brass carriage lights on them when you get done painting.

Zaphod said...

Oops, that's the problem with blogger when posting a comment, you can't see the pictures anymore...

My bad, the porch only has 2 pillars. Well, I still think there should be a railing on it, and a hedge in front, and carriage lights on the pillars. :)

Christie said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for the ideas and advice!!
Damn had all your comments waiting for moderation. I didn't remember i had comments SET for moderation! DUH!!
Anyway...some of you have seen my pictures on facebook and flickr. It's a good start, I think. But certainly not finished. I'm going to take all these ideas into consideration as we continue to work on the front! :)

Gaile said...

I left something for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, you just need your Mom and Me to come visit for a long weekend...we can help you with this landscaping delima of yours...Have you guys decided on a color for the outside of the house yet? Deb