Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snow White doll

Snow White is Emily's favorite princess character. Remember her as punk rock Snow White for Halloween?
Punk rock Snow White
I thought a Snow White clothespin doll would be super fun...and it was! She even had fun herself...frolicking in the spring weather today.

Sewing is definitely not my thing, so I'm jazzed about how well the dress came out! :) The red spots on her sleeves are a bit big, but that's ok. All part of the dress making learning process.

I debated on what sort of miniature trinket she should have. My first thought was a shiny, red apple...but later decided to go w/something less macabre. So a happy little bluebird it is!

Of course the girls want me to do ALL the princesses, and even a "bad witch", but I don't see that happening. :)


Michael said...

Very cute! :o) Her face did come out just right, and I wouldn't have guessed from the dress that you "don't do" sewing.

Oh, but just imagine all the princesses lined up in a row... (Yeah, and all the time that would take, too.)

Sorry if this appears multiple times. . . Blogger (or my computer) is acting up.

Anonymous said...

Eyelashes look marvelous and flirty too. Good job.

Christie said...

Thanks, Michael. I could show you proof of my bad sewing skills...just need to turn Snow White around! LOL! But I'm not gonna do that. ;)

Anon - thanks. I googled Snow White pictures and copied the eyes/lashes as exactly as I could.
They were a tedious pita, but I may repeat them for future dolls...they sure are cute!