Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real life randomness

Long time no read, huh? There has been a lack of blog worthy activity at our house. Which is good, IMHO. :) No excitement usually means no drama!

Well, no, that's not totally true. Friday afternoon my Mom discovered her check card number had been stolen and some assholes in the Pennsylvania area were on a roadtrip shopping spree at her expense. To the tune of about $3,000! Fortunately, her bank is diligently working w/her to get her money back asap.

Miss Amelia is teething. A few days ago I swore I saw the tiniest white spec of tooth peeping out of her gums, but it was a false alarm. She's had 101+ fever and been a total crab apple, off and on, for DAYS now.

The rest of us are rocking along at normal speed. Sunday I was trying to take a picture of a scar on Emily's chin. (A before photo. We have started a scar treatment medicine on her. More on that later.) Twice I had to run upstairs to check on Amelia. Both times Garrett grabbed the camera and played photographer. Here are the pics he took.
Apparently they were going for lots of wagging tongue action.

You noticed the wounds on Garrett's face? He had his 1st major pavement-eating bike crash a few days ago. Poor kid hit a hard plastic cup in the street and lost control of the bike. Then had to make it 4 blocks home sobbing and bleeding.
Now he's proud of his wounds. I told him they made him more manly. :)

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Michael said...

Ouch! Hitting the pavement face first sounds awful!