Friday, March 06, 2009

I want to paint the kitchen

Because of it's location, and the expense involved, the kitchen will be the last room to be remodeled. However, it's the only room in the house that doesn't have ugly cracks in the plaster from the house re-leveling. So I want to paint it and "polish the turd" until a remodel day comes. It must be a very inexpensive polishing though. Only paint and curtains.

What color would look nice with the black/white/gray color scheme?

You can see from these pics that the floor and back splash are black & white with dark gray grout. The countertops are a marbled gray laminate.

And all the appliances (except for Mom's fridge) are black.

I really like this color. Do you think it would work?

I am very very decorating challenged. I need help! :) I have two prints from Hollyvision Art. I thought I might decorate based on those, but I'm not so sure. I don't think I want a tropical look kitchen.
I also have two Bettie Page 8x10's. (that b&w link isn't the exact photo I have, but it's from the same photo shoot) I had planned on doing a pinup bathroom theme some day...but who's to say I can't do a pinup kitchen?! Our kitchen is authentic retro after all!

How do I make it prettier in there? What goes w/black & white...except red?


Bev said...

I painted my kitchen pastel sage and I love it!! It's very fresh, and clean and it's 3 years later, and I still love it.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is gorgeous and good for digestion too. Change the hardware on the cabinets to a black and your set.

Michael said...

I like that green, too. :o) (In fact, that looks similar to the color(s) we painted our dining room!)

I'd just go with whatever you like and not worry too much about whether other people (outside the household, at least) will like it. After all, you're the one who'll see it every day.

Have fun painting! ;oP

beena said...

I love the example picture. I'd stick with that idea and go with a deep smokey blue. I think it would pull out the color of the counter a bit more and blend nicely with the black. Also blue is a soothing color. :)

Can't wait to see what you do in there! :)

Christie said...

Thank you all for the help!

Anon - we actually have brushed silver hardware we bought a couple years ago (and never used) that *might* fit the cabinets. I forgot to mention that. But I agree, black hardware would look cool, too.

Gina - funny you mentioned blue. I have 2 more inspiration pics.
Neither are the exact smokey blue/grey color I was thinking about...but they are still pretty.

Thanks again, everyone, for the advice. Choosing colors scares me. :) I want Kim Miles and/or Lisa LaPorta to just come over and decorate my house for me! :)

beena said...

Just because you know how painting is my thing, I had to search ;)

This is what I was thinking about, kinda, it's not as smokey as I was thinkin, but it's really pretty and calming..

Christie said...

Ohhhh, that's pretty. I've bookmarked it. do I get the colors off my monitor and on the wall? LOL!

I can see myself standing in the paint dept w/my laptop in hand. :)

Theresa said...

Ya know your handy with polymer clay. The area over the sink could use some of your sparkle with clay. Perhaps you could even do the hardware in polymer clay. I have a friend that is into interior design and to add sparkle she puts a couple tubes of superfine glitter in her paints....her clients just love it.

ThriftyandNifty said...

You could call your local paint store and see if they have any discount paint that they store in the back. I know many of stores here have paint put back that they opened for customers to see or the customer had mixed and didn't buy. You could get those for as little as $3 per gallon. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!!