Monday, March 02, 2009

Adorable coffee mug

What is it about coffee mugs? The coffee tastes delish no matter the container...but I still feel this need for cute coffee mugs. They just call to me. I'm sure it's a girl thing. :) When Aaron needed a coffee mug for work, and I asked him what I should look for at the store he replied "something big and not girly is good". LOL!

Each week the Try Handmade blog entices me with fantastic stuff, but the latest post of pottery work of Emily Dyer is, well, to die for. :) Oh how I would love to have this coffee mug:

It calls to me. Sadly, I can't justify that sort of a splurge for a mug. But I can still admire her artwork and smile. And who knows...maybe some of you can splurge and will do so on her beautiful pottery!
Buy handmade! :)


Nesiejean said...

So, take a plain white, dollar store mug, flatten some of your adorable birds, and you already said you can do flowers, and make your own.

I'll bet it would be even cuter than this one. Hell, through some glitter on there, too. Go crazy!!

Christie said...

Nesiejean, I always smile when I see your comments pop up in my inbox. Thanks for that. :)
I like your idea!
I also thought about one of those paint your own pottery stores in the mall. I've never been to one...but it might be an option.