Friday, January 16, 2009

Screw you, youtube!

Normally I try to abstain from blatant negativity on the blog...but today is an exception. Youtube can

They have "muted" my silver foil video because it's using copyrighted music from Led Zeppelin in the background. Are they serious?!? Of all the MTV videos, tv shows, cartoons, exercise videos, etc. on Youtube....they target my tutorial video with Zeppelin quietly playing in the background?? Good grief!!!

And the real kick in the pants? They offer me the option to use their nifty tool, Audio Swap, to change out the background audio with an approved song. But you now what? It will totally erase the original audio. Which includes my narration of the tutorial. I might as well just leave the video completely muted!

Ugh....I am so ticked off. I apologize for my public spewing of negativity. I needed to vent. It's especially frustrating b/c ALL my videos include background music. So eventually youtube can mute all my videos. My spewing doesn't do any good other than make me feel better for a moment.

The only solution is to delete the original and upload an edited version. Which required digging out the old laptop's hard drive and retrieving old date. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.......or the next day.


Gina said...

OMG that is so ridiculous! They pick on your video when THEY constantly break their own rules by letting videos like fighting on there? OMG it makes me furious! Asshats!!

Grr. :-/

Valerie said...

That really sucks! It seems so weirdly random

jagger said...

Unbelievable! I am so sorry that happened to you. I saved your video's so that I can refer back to them time to time and I could not understand why they were not coming up. I loved your tutorials and hope you can make more and find the others. I know that is time that you have little of. I was wonder where you got the small cookie cutters on the Mica Shift video. I beleive you make a reference to it in the video. Take care and God bless you and your family!

Jo Ann from Corpus Christi : )

Shannon said...

I know what you mean. It sucks. One of my good friends moved to a site called It's not quite got all the bells and whistles worked out, but there seems to be several people that have moved to it. I'm my usual nickname there, btw. :-)