Thursday, December 04, 2008

My glamorous life

After waking Garrett up at 6:15, I noticed Emily was half way off her bed. When I picked her up to move her I noticed she had peed the bed. (She fell asleep on the couch last nite and didn't make her usual pre-bed potty.) Luckily Aaron was home to help clean her up and he put her back to sleep in our bed.

Amelia woke up a while later and ate. After she had time to digest and burp I gave her her medicine. (She has an ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection. She's on 2 meds for the next week.) I got one medicine in her when she got choked and threw up all over herself, me, the side of the couch, and the floor. Luckily she's a breast baby. If you have ever cleaned up both formula vomit and breastmilk know the latter is WAY less stinky. It's still vomit, but less nasty vomit. :)
Oh, and in the process of all this she had what I like to call "exploda-diaper". Where the contents of baby's bum explode so quickly the diaper can't absorb it all and it leaks out. Lovely.

I was in the cleanup process when Miss Lydia woke up. She stood nearby watching it all. Then she holds up her nightgown and says "Momma, you wipe all mess wet!"
Wouldn't you know it...her diaper was full and pee had leaked down her leg and she stood there.

*deep breath* That's all you can do. :) Take a deep breath and roll w/the punches. (Thanks be to Zoloft..)I was able to chuckle about it as I moved from one clean up to the next.

Since then I successfully administered Amelia's meds, she and I changed clothes, the couch and carpet were scrubbed, Lydia was cleaned and changed, we 3 big girls had breakfast, the linens are in the dryer, and I have almost finished a cup of coffee while typing this. So....the day is looking up. :)

Here was Lydia a few minutes earlier, talking about Uncle Ray. She had sat there saying his name over and over (along w/other names). I managed to catch a little of it. Cute 2 year old speak.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I didn't discover the wonders of chemical assistance until after my third. I'd like to tell you it gets better after they're in their teens and twenties, but it doesn't. You just have to get different chemicals!

Love that little video. I do miss that part of the adventure so much!

Anonymous said...

WTG for rolling with the punches. I hope tomorrow morning is a better start to the day!

Lydia is ADORABLE.

And holy smokes, you have your tree up and you're busy with all those little bittys and I can't even muster up the energy to get ours out of the box. LOL

Christie said...

Nesiejean, you never fail to make me giggle! Thanks for that.

Thanks Gina...I only videotaped them putting up the tree. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lydia is adorable! I love the way she smiles with her whole face. And... I would like to hear her say Uncle Lee more!!
Much love
Uncle Lee

Anonymous said...

Hope the move is going smoothly! Thinking aboutcha!

Dawn said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about you adventure of 4 kids! Merry Christmas!