Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy but sad

I have sat down and walked away from the laptop several times, debating on whether to write this or not. I've finally decided to get it off my chest so I can move on with my day.

I am full of mixed emotions today. I am so incredibly happy and proud of America for electing an African American president. I can't even really wrap my brain around what an amazing thing this is. It is HUGE! (HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! infinity!) I do not think a person should be judged, persecuted, or for that matter promoted based on the color of their skin or gender.

I am a very liberal American, but I do not identify with either party. Nor totally agree with either candidate. I feel like this election was a choice of the lesser of two evils. I wish I had registered to vote here in time to be eligible to vote this election. I may be a liberal American but I do not think the right man got the job. I hope with all my heart I am wrong.

Both men gave great speeches last nite. McCain gave the most gracious speech I think I've ever heard. Bravo to them both for taking the high road last nite.

But I still can't be 100% happy that America elected a president who won't salute the American Flag and pay respect to all the brave people who have died to defend it.

And since I didn't register in time to vote, I guess that old rule applies to me:
If you didn't vote you don't get to complain. So I'll move along now. :)


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way you do. Here in California we voted for the rights of chickens (larger cages) over the rights of parents to be notified if their minor daughter is seeking an abortion. So, she can have an abortion without me knowing but she needs my consent to get her belly button pierced! I feel sad. I hope with all my heart that President Obama can bring peace...everywhere.

Laura said...

He was probably confused about what was actually happening by that horrific performance of the national anthem. It'd throw me off too, I'm thinking!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Christie. And you are absolutely right....our country made huge strides toward equality. But there are those who fought (my daddy for one) and have died for the right to post here, speak freely, and sadly, choose not to salute the flag of this great nation. But as Americans, we must come together and respect the office of the President whether we like him or not. And pray that he will rise up and be the leader that the greatest nation on earth should have. I love you and I'm so proud of YOUR stand. Mom

Anonymous said...

I know I've seen past presidents, when greeting a military officer, salute the military person, and be saluted in return. Wonder if he'll do that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you whole heartedly... we are in for a treat with a presidant who doesn't support his troops, or won't take pride and honor the flag - what is to come of this? only time will tell....