Monday, October 06, 2008

I almost forgot

I love my Daddy
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I put 4 new Amelia pics on my *other* flickr account. Click on the picture to check out her cuteness! :)

She's growing and thriving and intermittently happy. LOL! She's started smiling at familiar faces (and not in that gas relief sort of way). Poor girl has terrible baby pimples, but other than that she's perfectly healthy and well...just perfect! :)

Amelia's milk cow has had problems of excess milk production, which has created gas/reflux/spit up pains for Amelia and physical pain for the cow. However! With the help of Google and the Le Leche website we are taking steps to correct the problem and make life easier. Thank goodness for the baby swing!! B/c of the gas issues, she wants to stay upright at all times. So she does most of her sleeping in the swing.

Speak of the sweetheart...I hear her waking now. Amelia update over for now. :)


Gina said...

Oh my gosh, she is so so so sweet!! She's getting so big too. Awww. They grow too quickly!

Shoozles said...

AWWWWW look at that face :)

Susan Turney said...

Soooo cute. She looks like a little clone of the other 2!

Alisa said...

Ok she is darling. It must make you just melt to see the way her daddy looks at her. You have a lovely family. Enjoy them.

Christie said...

Thanks ladies. :)