Monday, October 06, 2008

Bday highlights

Mr. Garrett turned 10 in grand fashion. He spent the weekend in Ft. Worth with family and attended the Texas State Fair. From what I hear he made the most of it with wild rides, good junk food, games, animal races and exhibits that included a 1,200+ lb. pig! They made it back home just in time for his b-day party. (His 2nd party mind you...his Aunt Charlie threw him one the previous evening as well!)

It was really fun! He hit the mother load on gifts, receiving a new bike, a BB gun, lots of Star Wars goodies he wanted, and many other cool toys. A neighbor friend let us borrow their big bouncy castle. The kids had fun popping balloons with darts, Garrett's bow & arrow, and maybe even his soft air pellet gun (I didn't witness that one). Then they moved to the empty field beside our house to try out his new BB gun. (I even had fun shooting it after the party was over!) And finally they got to attack the pinata that had been stuffed FULL of candies and party favors. It was so heavy it broke off the hanger. And then broke off at the feet twice after Aaron retied it! LOL! Their last act of fun was busting into the living room and showering all of us with LOTS of silly string. It was really quite funny, but Emily (who hates to get dirty) wasn't amused in the least. :)

It was a great 10th bday party for sure. Garrett had lots of friends and family here to celebrate with him. Here are a few picture highlights.


Gina said...

He's 10 already? Sigh.

Sounds like he had a fantastic birthday! Happy Birthday to him! :)

And congrats on the new camera!

Susan Turney said...

Wonderful pics and so cool he's made so many friends already. He'll remember that day forever!!!