Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ADD attack

There is a reason why I've never mastered any one art or craft or...anything. I have the attention span of a gnat and the overwhelming desire to try it ALL. :)

Right now Amelia is napping and the big girls are happily playing. Am I taking advantage of this time to scamper off to the happy table? Oh hell no. I'm surfing Etsy and googling for examples of the things I want to LEARN to make. I don't have the supplies or the tools or the basic knowledge required...but I have a list! LOL!

First, I need a sewing machine so I can make Amelia a dozen pair of cute little Mary Janes like these. And adorable little dresses/shirts for all the girls like this one. Oh! And a fabulous new diaper bag that I'll customize just like I want it.

Then there's all the hair accessories I want to make for the girls. I'll use that sewing machine for perfect fitting headbands for Amelia. Some sort of soft, stretchy material that will stay put but not bite into her soft little noggin like elastic bands. Then I need to hit the felt department so I can make cute stuff for hair clip decorations that will interchange on the headbands OR clip into the big girls' hair.

All of which (except the hair clips) are ridiculous b/c I suck at the sewing machine! The curtains I made for the Oklahoma house...OY! They were so bad. I know practice makes perfect but holy cow...they were/are terrible.

Oh! And papier mache...I want to learn it too. I think the first and only time I papier mached was a George Washington bust in 2nd grade. :) I've got several ideas for folk art home decor items that would be better suited for papier mache (vs. polymer clay). So I'm reading up on the various recipes and techniques available. Of course I'll read and bookmark and read and bookmark for weeks, but never actually try to make anything. Did I mention I'm afraid of failure?

Oh! And resin! I bought a package of resin mix a long time ago, to use with a BOH idea I had. (and never finished...go figure!) If the resin is still good I want to try some resin jewelry. I don't have any molds, so I'll use it in polymer clay. I have a couple ideas to try.

Now I just need to find the motivation to get up off my arse and DO something. I have spent the last few weeks sitting on the couch surfing and watching tv. I don't even obsessively clean the house anymore! My laziness has reached a new high. I need the tv and internet to die, b/c I don't have the willpower. Help! Someone call our cable provider and tell them to cut me off!


Michael said...

I know what you mean. The TV & computer are such huge distractions! For instance, right now I'm "supposed" to be paying bills, but first I *had* to check Google Reader. Actually. . . *you're* the one who introduced me to good ol' Google Reader. I'm now blaming 25% of my wasted time on you. ;o)

Christie said...

LOL!! Aw, come on now...give me more credit than that. How about 35%? :) Isn't google reader great?

Anonymous said...

Girl, cut yourself some slack! It's not been that long since baby girl was born. You deserve a little dreamin' time.

Don't pay the cable bill. 2 advantages - money saved and they'll sure cut you off! :-)