Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is Fall?

It's not here. I had to LOL at the weatherman yesterday. During the extended forecast he said, "Hang in there til Friday or Saturday...it will start to feel more like fall...it will cool off to the lower 80's and much lower humidity". Lower 80s?! HA!!! It's not even cool enough at nite to open the windows. What a goober.

We got back home Thursday evening. Aaron returned to work Friday (and all weekend). Sunday our internet came back on. Garrett started school yesterday. Today Amelia will go to her belated 2 week old checkup. She'll be 4 weeks old Friday. :)

I'd love to have something crafty to show you but alas...still no camera. I'd like to have a help buy me a camera sale on Etsy but alas...no way to take new pictures. Dangit! LOL!

So here's a hurricane video. It's very underwhelming. Certainly won't make it to CNN! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your back home, and thankful your area was saved from the worst of Ike's wrath.

My S.O. (significant other, but if you say it real fast with a scowl on your face it sounds like ... or maybe you have to have a KY drawl) grew up in Corpus Christi and spent his summers on Galveston and Padre Island. Everytime he sees images from Galveston, he just gets so sad.

Hope all is well with Amelia's checkup.

Take care.

Susan Turney said...

Hey Christie, I'm so glad you're back and not much damage. Here's some fall for you!