Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wired Wednesday

Ok, so wired might be an exaggeration, but restless or antsy or spastic definitely apply. :) I think today calls for a lengthy bulleted post. Oh how I *heart* bulleted lists!
  • To get the obvious out of the way: 6am Friday is the induction. With any luck we will be proud parents of 4 by lunch time. And no we still don't have a definite name. LOL! She'll either be Amelia Anne or (thanks to an idea from my Mom) Abigail Renee. I'd place my bet on Amelia though. I like it better with our last name.
  • A few days ago our digital camera died. Well, the card reader part of it appears to be dead. It says the card needs to be formatted but it gives an error message instead of actually formatting it. I've tried 2 other cards and get the same result. BUMMER! At least we have the video camera. It takes totally crappy still pics, but it's better than nothing.
    ANYWAY...the last 3 pictures I took were documenting my O.C. condition. It seems I'm an O.C. embellisher. I can not help myself! I must embellish store bought things to give them more sparkle and pizzazz. For instance:
The wooden letters for the girls' door. Originally the girls painted them and had a good time doing that. But they looked like mud soup, so I repainted them and added glitter paint.

Granny recently bought 2 cute plaques for their room. There was nothing wrong with them, but to me they were "blah" and needed a girly touch. So I drilled holes in the top, made glittery PC flowers on coiled fun wire, and glued them in the holes. Oh, and I added white dots to the front and glittered them. :)

It's a poor picture. And unfortunately I can't get a better one to show the cute flower detail. The other plaque is pink and will have hearts and beads eventually. Doesn't look like it will be this week though!
  • Garrett is having a great 1st week at school. He's riding the bus w/his neighborhood friends, and seems to genuinely be enjoying his classes and the whole experience. It blows my mind that there are nearly 900 kids enrolled in K-4. In the tiny po-dunk town where I grew up there were probably 500 kids in K-12th!
  • I had a crazy small world moment yesterday. A fellow Etsy seller convo'd me to say Hi and that she noticed we lived in neighboring cities. I wrote back to tell her we actually live in the same city, but I had listed 3 area cities in my profile for a bigger 'shop local' audience. Then we discovered we both moved here in May. And THEN she told me what subdivision she lives's the same one WE live in! LOL!!! I haven't told her about the last part yet, but I will. Isn't that just a hoot?!
  • Ok, change of plans. The bulleted list is coming to an early close. I'm in need of a nap. I opened this post early this morning, and now it's 1pm. I've been cleaning house like a mad woman today and I've worn myself out. Lydia is napping (and it's not hard to snuggle w/Emily and get her asleep) so it's my opportunity for shut eye. I'm guessing the next time you hear from me will be this weekend w/baby pics or video. So....I'll see you all after my extreme weight loss weekend. LOL! Toodles!


Gaile said...

Good luck on Friday, sweetie! I'll be thinking of you.

Susan Turney said...

Hey Christie,
I can't wait to see a pic of the newest lucky little Wright! You two do the best!
Very cool about the other Etsy seller. I hope you can meet sometime soon!
Best wishes for Friday and I hope you're home soon!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your delivery. Inducing labor is not pleasant but you'll make out fine. Take care and can't wait to see the newest bundle in your life.

Denise said...

Just checkin' in to see if you are home yet with your new little baby girl!!!