Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking baby

Tuesday was my 38 week checkup. My doctor agreed to induce me next Friday (29th) if the baby hasn't come on her own by then. So I'm in full-on "to do list" mode. I've got clothes and bedding washed, car set is ready to go, all the family members are on high alert, I've pre-registered and toured the hospital, my bag is partially I do have several things done.
But we still need to:
  • Name the baby! That's the biggie. It's between Amelia and Abigail. (Abigail is a name I've wanted to use since I was probably 15. But it always gets pushed down the list when I start name hunting. 2 days ago I decided I really liked it again. LOL!) Last nite we flipped a coin about 50 times. I have this theory that whatever is "heads" will win in a best out of 10 contest every time. And my theory was proven about 80% right last nite! Anyway...Amelia won the coin toss. I think I like Amelia Anne (Wright) the best. And for some reason I sort of like Amelia Jane also. It's so simple and catchy. Like she's ready to be a famous Amelia someday. But I can't come up with anything for Abigail. 15 years ago I had Abigail Grace picked out, but we used Grace with Emily's name. You got any suggestions?!?? I should probably stop over analyzing the names and just go with Amelia already! LOL!
  • We need to stock up on newborn diapers. My SIL has sent a few packages of size 1, but those are too big for right now.
  • We also need replacement pads for the diaper warmer. With it being summer, this isn't crucial but the warm wipes do make for less unhappiness at diaper time. :)
  • And we need to replace the baby monitor system. The set we have now has seen us thru Emily and Lydia, but it just barely works anymore. Actually, it started working really poorly when Lydia was little.
  • It would also be nice to find her a cute, comfy, coming home outfit. All the hand-me-down newborn clothes are just onesies. Aaron's sis made the baby 2 adorable onesie dresses, but they are long sleeve. I'm thinking they'll be too warm for next week.
And in related to-do items....we need to get Garrett a few new shirts this weekend for school Monday. And pencils. I have all his supplies bought except for pencils. Oh...and a lunch bag. But I think that's it. I think. :)


Cindy said...

Next week?!? How exciting!!! I do love the names Amelia Anne and Amelia Jane...both are classic and lovely!

I do love Abigail too, though. Abby/Abbie/Abbey is such a cute nickname, too! We considered "Abigail Rose" for a baby girl we never had, lol. Some other combos that sound nice (to me) are:

Abigail Margaret, Abigail Joy (for some reason I'm thinking Lydia's middle name is it?), Abigail Danielle, Abigail Elise, and Abigail Lynn.

Anonymous said...

I've already voted for Abigail Marie if she's born 8/22 :)
Abigail Jane is cute too. Gigi and I really like Abigail Hope.
Well, that's our contribution. Actually, I'm speaking to Aunt Angela and she REALLY likes Abigail Marie :) but she concurrs on Abigail Hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally excited for you. I love both names, Amelia would be my first choice , but I love the name Abigail too.. what about.. Abigail Claire?

I'm kinda glad that I'm beyond the picking names game, because it's too darn hard! LOL

You are in my thoughts. I hope all goes well with the delivery and I can not wait to see pictures of your new baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Nesting is such fun...just glad it's you and NOT me :o) Hope all goes well and really, really FAST for you. We'll be thinking about you. Can't wait to see pics of her. Love ya bunches. Try to get some rest sweetie. Deb

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the upcoming birthing, lol. Bet ya can't wait to see her face. Here's what I think go good as a middle name with Abigail:

Abigail Leanne, Abigail Rain (Rayne), Abigail Victoria, Abigail Courtney, Abigail Lauren, Abigail Elaine

Your last name fits Abigail and Amelia really well. Be safe during delivery and hope to hear from ya soon.

Mary said...

i like amelia jane...but...if you wanted to go with the name abigail...abigail anne flows nicely of the tongue.

Michael said...

Both names are lovely. :o)

I really admire your ability to juggle everything you have going on right now! Getting a little boy ready for school, taking care of the other little-uns, *and* preparing for a new baby?! Very impressive! (And you still found time to make that cute jack-o'-lantern pin! (g))

Good luck with everything!!

Christie said...

Thank you all for the well wishes AND all the name suggestions! That's just awesome! :)

Our digital camera took a poop yesterday and appears to be permanently taking pics of baby "A" will be interesting. Thank goodness we have the camcorder. It takes still images. (poor quality, but better than none!)

Anyway...thanks for all the sweet comments.

And yes, Cindy, Miss Lydia's middle name is Joy. Good memory! :)

And Michael, you are so sweet. Thank you for making me smile today. :)

Anonymous said...

You name her Abigail Rhode, then she would be Abby Rhode for short.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I like either name with Jane, but probably Amelia best.

You may not know what her name is until you see her!

I wish you a smooth delivery and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and I can't stop checking in. Hope things are going ok!

Amanda said...

I really like Amelia Anne. It's pretty. Although I like the name Abigail better than Amelia. hehe

Kim Cavender said...

I hope everything goes wonderfully, Christie! I'll be thinking about you. I like all the names you've picked out. I like Abigail Eden and Abigail Aubrey, too. Big high five to Lydia - we share the same middle name! I hope the next time I read your blog, I see a photo of a beautiful, perfect little baby girl with a name that starts with an "A".

On a totally different note, I LOVE those little bird earrings you made!