Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have been pregnant FOREVER

At least that's what it feels like. I'm in no hurry for baby to get here (b/c they are SO much easier to care for in the tummy!) but I'm also tired of being pregnant. But that's a whiny wagon I won't jump on at the moment. :)

Earlier today Emily hugged my middle and looked up at me, reminding me of an old picture I took of her and my alien belly when Lydia was inside. So we took a similar picture today.

Seeing as we have only 6 weeks to go, we are giving more serious thought to names. We've had a half dozen favorites picked out for months now but it's time to pick one already. Yesterday I had the Word document (with said favorite names) open on the laptop when Aaron came home. I had already picked a new favorite and was planning to tell him. He walked in, stood and read the lists, and pondered for a couple minutes. He looked up at me and said the exact same name I was keeping silently in my head:
Amelia Rose, he said.
I laughed out loud and told him it was a sign. (I'm big on signs.) :) It's in no way a done deal, but it was a cool coincidence.

Here are the other names we're throwing around, mixing and matching:
First names - Abigail, Josslyn, Jillian, Isabel, Natalie
Middle names - Hope, Faith, Paige, Elizabeth, Tatum

We already have an Emily Grace and a Lydia Joy. Got any suggestions?? :)


Gaile said...

I love Amelia Rose! Is it definitely a girl?

Susan Turney said...

I love all of them. I especially like the ones that can be shortened because it seems little kids always do. Like Abby, Jossie, that..even Issy!!! It seems to me that a little girl can't possibly have problems with a "Y" or an "IE" at the end of her name!!! :)

Ren said...

Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity and picking sensible and correctly spelled names for your bubby-to-be, not to mention your other kiddlets. *LOL* I actually love all the names you've already got there. Amelia Rose is a gorgeous name. xxx Renilicious (off youtube).

Christie said...

Hi Gaile! Good to 'see' you! YES, she's definitely a girl.

Hi Susan! I considered the possible nicknames too. (b/c I am so not a nickname person) LOL! But I do like Abby.

Hey Ren! You made me laugh out loud. I think we are the same page about the names. I always try to imagine my babies as adults and how their names will work when they are big people.
Last nite I found this cool baby name website where they actually poll REAL PEOPLE who have the name you are considering. I got to read about how often it's mispronounced, misspelled, turned into teasing names, etc. It was cool!

Cat said...

Hmmm, how about Abigail Hope?