Friday, June 27, 2008

Not feeling crafty

Life is moving along at a normal pace, but craftiness is not in the air at my house. A handful of times I've sat down at the Happy Table and tried to make things but it never pans out.

...Original content edited out after reconsideration....

We finally made a trip back to Okla last weekend. We spent Sat. nite thru Tues. a.m. at Mom's. After 6 weeks down here it was nice to finally get to visit. Aaron got busy replacing the entire roof on the old, leaky Happy Room. So it was also a productive visit.
Here are a few shots of the kids enjoying fresh watermelon on the front porch.
Emily My favorite son Garrett
Watermelon at Gammy's house Lydia mid-bite

And one last picture of them enjoying the red wagon in the backyard.
3 cuties in the backyard

I brought home a bag of beach goodies we had found in N. Carolina. Garrett wants a necklace made from the shark teeth he found. Maybe that will be the project push I need to start feeling crafty again. I'll let you know. :)

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sarah said...

It is so funny, as soon as I saw that picture I was like, "well who in the heck puts that up in the driveway??" So they are moving it...sounds...awful!