Tuesday, June 10, 2008

But I passed Watercolor 101

After a 100% failure rate lately I finally made some good beads. I mixed up some 'citrus' colors in translucent and even found some cute silver flower accent beads at Michael's. It's been many many months since I've made any watercolor beads. It's one of my favorite techniques...it's just beautiful. So I thought I'd give it a go in bright citrusy colors. Colors which don't translate accurately on the computer. The colors are translucent but really vibrant!

I used silver leaf in the layers this time. It's not quite as visible as I'd hoped, but I'm still super pleased w/them. This direct sunlight picture shows more of the sparkle.

I wanted flat, comfy beads so I made sort of a flattened peanut shape. (In hopes of any accent beads nesting snuggly beside them.) It wasn't until AFTER assembling the 4th or 5th version of the bracelet that I decided to forget the flowers and go with the bead caps. (Which meant the peanut shape wasn't so great.)

I looove this bracelet. It feels great on. The beads buffed up to a wonderful shine and the flat shape is indeed super comfy. I may restring it one more time though. It's a tad too loose. I like snug bracelets. I ended up with about a 6 1/4" bracelet and I only need 6". Here it is on and modeled atop my blossoming tum-tum. :)

You can tell I love the beads and bracelet...I took a lot of pictures. :) (Click on any of them for a bigger version.)


Susan Turney said...

Christie, these are gorgeous! How about a video? JUST KIDDING!!!!!! :) The colors are fabulous and the bracelet turned out perfectly!!

shoozles said...

beautiful as usual and who is wearing them is that you? and is that a baby belly? I hope so or I just put my foot in my mouth LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I made some green using that technique and I just love it.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I love them! Simple. Stunning! I love the technique done in citrus colors and the silver leaf is a great touch!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And the baby bump is adorable. When are you due again? I am having squishy brain! LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads and finished product too! Did you sand these watercolor beads at all? Or did you just put the floor wax on them... Or buff then floor wax..??? Thanks for the great pics!