Saturday, May 31, 2008

The new Warrior

Since the move we've been a one car family. And thanks to the crazy price of gas, Aaron's new work vehicle is a motorcycle. He's had a couple bikes in the past and has been itching for another. Since we've been spending nearly $100/week on gas, I didn't complain too much about the new bike. I mean, it gets 52 mpg!

Anyway...he got it Thursday. Today he gave the girls rides around our neighborhood. They loved it.
Dad and Emily
Dad and Lydia

Garrett was playing at his friend's house or he might have gone too. I say might...he's like his Mom and has NO desire to ride a motorcycle. :)

Here's a shot of the side profile. Isn't it a handsome bike?
New bike

FYI: You can click on any of those and see bigger pics at flickr.
Also FYI: They only rode around our little 2 street neighborhood. So please no 'you suck as a parent' emails. Thanks. :) AND Aaron rides with long pants, real shoes, and a helmet at all times. He's like the posterboy for motorcycle safety when he's really riding. Just so you know. :)


Susan Turney said...

Look at those grins!!!!! It looks like you're living in a really nice neighborhood! Yay!

Kim Cavender said...

The girls are so cute, Christie! If I had the guts, I'd be riding a motorcycle too instead of my massive gas-guzzling SUV.

You need a ticker on your site. How much longer do you have?

Christie said...

Susan, we lucked into a nice small neighborhood. It's only about 3 years old. And only 2 streets long! (the builder who started the edition went bankrupt and it never grew any bigger) We're in one of the 4's nice.

Thanks, Kim. The baby's due Sept 2nd. So I have aaaaall summer left. :o\ Thanks for thinking about me and the bean. :)

Victoria said...

My hubby rides, too. It's been years since I got on the back. I love the idea, but since I became a mom, I lost my nerve! Your girls are super cute!