Thursday, April 03, 2008

Visual progress

Just before we leave. Greeeeat. :)

Remember the damage that occurred because of the releveling? Remember this hole in the living room?

It got much bigger the day after I took that picture. (Actually, I took a few WIP pictures this week as the entire wall came down but they have vanished. I must have deleted them by accident when I was cleaning vacation pics off the camera. GGRRR!!) Anyway...this hole got bigger and looked exactly like a reversed image of the state of Texas. We joked about it for weeks and THEN...Texas jumped into our future. It was a sign! Like in Final Destination! OY! I should have taken a sledge hammer to that wall weeks ago.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Visual progress.
We had fun tearing down the entire wall and Aaron has almost finished replacing it.

You can see the adjacent wall is getting plaster repairs. As are many many other walls in the house. They should be paintable soon.

And since Mom is moving in with a plethora of pooches, there is a new fence going up around the backyard.

It has been a rainy week, so it's not complete yet. Rain or not, I'm sure he'll be out working on it today and tomorrow after work. He leaves Saturday.
That gate cracks me up. Those metal gussets are aviation grade aluminum. He made them at work. That is the same material they use to repair and modify the skins of airplanes. These gates will be air worthy. LOL!

The fence goes down the side street to the alley and around the back of the storage shed. This picture shows how much is left to complete. It will run down the alley and meet up with the neighbors white fence (just barely visible on the left).

(That is the neighbor's sweet dog coming over to say hi.) There will be a large double gate somewhere in that span. In the front of the house, between the side of our garage and the neighbor's white fence there will be a gate. It's a narrow walkway. That gate will completely close in the backyard.
A lot to complete in only 2 short, rainy evenings. May the force be with him!

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