Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Progession of destruction

It's raining. A steady rain that is forecasted to last another day or two.
We have had a leak in the Happy Room since we moved in. A minor drip type leak. The past water damage is quite extensive (flaking ceiling texture, damaged plaster, water spots) but when it actually leaks it's very manageable. During earlier rains Aaron poked a few screwdriver holes in the drippy area in hopes of concentrating the drips to that spot. (The drips sort of moved around a few long cracks in the plaster.) The little holes didn't work. :)

Today the rains brought back the drips. I decided to get on the ladder and pull off the moist plaster around the drip. It was starting to fall to the floor anyway. So I broke off the moist areas until I had made a sizable hole, but at least it was far enough away from the drip that the plaster was staying dry.

Then I got my broom and cleaned up what plaster missed the xtra large trash bag. No harm done really.

I then decided to sweep the ceiling a bit to break away a few little pieces of dangling ceiling texture. Totally innocent idea, right? That is what caused some additional plaster to fall to the floor. Being the Captain Destructo that I am (insert trumpeting music and red cape rippling in the breeze)...I decided to poke the perimeter of the hole with my broom handle and see what else easily fell off.

A poke quickly progressed to full aggressive jabbing. (Demolition is fun!) A short time later I had covered the floor with debris and made this lovely hole in the ceiling.

You can see the original screwdriver holes in the top blue circle. The bottom blue circle is my estimate of the hole before I started breaking away moist plaster today. Isn't is odd where good intentions can lead you?! They can either get you absolutely nowhere...or smack in the middle of a huge mess.

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Gina said...

Oh my, you know how I am with leaks in the ceilings. Ack.

I really need to catch up with you soon.