Thursday, April 03, 2008

The bedroom that isn't

Do you remember, during the initial tour of the house, the big brown room? It has been a storage room and is currently the wood working room. But after we leave it will be Mom's bedroom. Hard to believe looking at it today:

That picture makes you a little woozy, doesn't it?! :)

The biggest task will be cleaning it out. Luckily all that heavy machinery is not my problem. :) We had plans to make this our master bedroom suite some day. Expand the bathroom a little and build a closet. But now the new plan is to make the room squeaky clean and build some simpler hanging clothes space. Here's the view from the other end of the room:

Oh yeah, the crappy hollow core door (to the backyard) will be replaced. Not this week of course. The backdoor and the closet will happen on a weekend in the near future. Aaron intends to drive home on the weekends. 860 miles round trip. Ouch.


Cindy said...

Moving to TX, huh? guys are always up to something, huh?

Angela said...

We're gonna miss you at guild, Christie! I hope you'll have a chance to drop by a meeting before you scoot on out of town. Course it sounds like you'll have your hands full with fun house stuff -- let me know if there's any way I can help.