Monday, March 24, 2008

You're not gonna believe this

We're going home tomorrow! Well, not home tomorrow but we're starting the journey home tomorrow. The van is partially packed. Aaron and I will make one last trip to the breakfast room tomorrow (early!!) and then put the sleepy kids in the car to begin the journey. After a layover at the relative's house we should get home Friday. Thank goodness!

But wait...I have far bigger news. This is what the title line was really referring to....

We're moving.
Yep. Moving. As in, moving out of the house we worked so hard to get in to. Out of the house that still looks like this and this and is totally unsaleable or rentable.
Long story extremely short: We bought it in September. Late October Aaron's employer was bought out by another company. Shortly after that a "reorganization" began to take place. Things have been getting progressively worse for him and his coworkers since October. ("if only" the reorganization had happened in July or August!!!) The employer continues to promote the undeserving and penalize the dedicated employees. Hell, he's lucky he wasn't laid off with many others the past few months. Anyway....a company in Houston wants Aaron. They made him 2 offers. The 2nd one he could not turn down. Neither one of us want to move down there. At all. (imagine very strong emphasis on the "at all") But the fact is, his current job situation is a ticking time bomb and this is a life raft to jump on before the ship goes down.

The house is definitely a problem. But it so happens that my Mom is in the market for a place. She is saving our asses by living in the house for the time being. We will contract out the work and try to get it sale ready from a distance.

So!! Just when we thought life was settling down....WRONG! :) The kids and I will remain at home for a few weeks while Aaron starts the new job. Some of his family lives there. I am researching school districts like a mad woman, and Aaron will take my info and house hunt for us. So please think some positive thoughts for us, ok? For the time being we live in "play it by ear" mode.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Christie!!! Big news but I have to say I can't find a lot of negatives! The fact that Aaron is being sought out is positive! The fact that he's getting away from his current company is positive. The fact that the offer was so good is positive! The fact that your mother will stay in the house is positive! And I think Houston has a PC guild, another positive!
I realize that all your dreams for your house will go by the wayside but.....perhaps you'll find an even more perfect house there!
You and Aaron and the kids seem to be such a strong "unit" I think you'll get through all this and come out on the other side happier than ever. It's another adventure so I hope you can enjoy all of it!
I'm going with "positive" all the way!
Susan T

Michael said...

Good luck-- on everything! I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts! :o)

Anonymous said...

Christie Dawn...I KNOW that you have one of those turbin head wrap things and those big GYPSY earrings hidden in your closet somewhere :o) So does this mean that GP will go to public school? Spring, Conroe, Houston all in the same vicinity :o) May just get to see more of you all...Mom and I may get to rack up some frequent travel miles together!! Hope the whole house situation works out for you guys, will be interesting to see how that turns out! Good Karma coming your way. Just hate that you have to pack up and move once again....but something good will come out of it I'm sure :o) Give the kiddos big hugs for me. Love to all, Deb

Christie said...

Susan, bless your heart for all of those positives! Right now I'm sitting in my big, ugly, old, unfinished house and I'm hating the thought of leaving it behind. But I, too, have been trying very hard to look for the positives. :) Thanks for the help!

Michael, thank you for the well wishes. I appreciate it!

Debbie, yes, Garrett will be a public schooler this fall. But he was going to be doing it here in OK as well. I've found a nice smaller town nearby that appears to have excellent we'll be house hunting there. Thanks for the love and hugs!

Kim Cavender said...

Best of luck to you and your family, Christie! I know it must be hard to deal with all of this at this stage in your pregnancy but it's so much better than no job and no home. I know you'll sail through it all with much grace and your wonderful sense of humor still intact! Sending positive thoughts and karma to you!