Friday, March 14, 2008

PC flickrness

In an attempt to bring some polymer clay back into this polymer clay blog....I thought I'd share some of the beautiful creations found in my flickr contacts this week.

I'm disappointed my flickr friend Ilil Ziv disabled the 'blog this' feature on her pictures, because she's made some fantastic clay covered glass pieces this week. So click on her name and check them out. This bowl is my favorite. I love how she didn't do the typical spiral out from the center. It looks like it's moving!

Originally uploaded by rubarb04
Barbara Farjado has taken her flower beads to a whole new stunning level. I didn't think they could get any prettier...but they have.

I wish I had just a sprinkling of Marcia Palmer's creativity. She's always creating such wonderful things, and this turquoise pendant is no exception.

The talented sculptor, Penni Jo, has been very busy making ceramic molds of an original PC creation. Look at all those beautiful color choices.

Pink-Spring Flower Cane
Originally uploaded by Ronit golan
Spring has officially sprung at Ronit Golan's clay table. Her use of colors is always inspiring, no matter what the season. It would seem life is never dull in her imagination. :)

And on a side note: My apologies for all the deleted posts in your google reader. Because everyone (except me, I guess) has disabled direct linking of flickr photos I had to 'blog this' for each picture and then do some HTML hacking. Sort of takes the fun out of doing a multi-photo blog post like this. But I decided sharing all this PC goodness was worth the hassle.

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