Thursday, March 20, 2008

22 days

That's how long we've been away from home. And while I don't miss being there at all, I do miss my bed and my space. Unfortunately much housework goes along with much space, but I'm ready to make that sacrifice. :) I need to be able to put all my kids in bed behind their bedroom DOORS and for me to do the same. But all in all, our time here has passed by fairly quickly and painlessly. I can not tell you how much I have not missed housework!

We were supposed to be leaving Friday, but as no surprise to us, they changed that to Tuesday or Wednesday. We have big weekend plans though. We will be spending Saturday nite here in D.C. I fear that with all our children in tow we will look like the Clampett's in the big city. LOL! The weather is not what I'd prefer for sightseeing. I would like it to be about 10-15 degrees warmer! But Aaron has his heart set on visiting D.C. while we are so close, so I am being optimistic. And I totally understand where's he's coming from. We are 245 miles away. Slightly better than our usual 1,345 miles away. Besides...inclement weather will only add to the memories, right?! :) I've been there before, but Aaron really has no clue as to the magnitude of it all. I'm just going to tag along w/my camera and try not to whine too much.

Nothing much else to tell I guess. Well, nothing I feel like blogging that is. I'm sure I'll be back here Monday with D.C. stories.

Edited to add: We canceled the weekend excursion. For a couple different reasons. Anyone who's known me for very long knows that our life goes through these phases where it's changing moment to moment. We happen to be in one of those phases right now. (Woo. Hoo.) More on that later perhaps.

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