Saturday, March 01, 2008

1400 miles later

Our home for the next 2-3 weeks. Notice it's not suite size. *sigh* The hotel would not take the gov't rate for a suite. (buttheads!) So we're in a regular old room. It's tighter quarters than we'd like, but hey...go with the flow, right? :)

Did you catch that 2 to 3 week bit? It seems, after Aaron agreed to come, that they decided his leave date is "TBD". 2 weeks changed to at least 2 weeks to 2-4 weeks to May 11th. Yeah...some email said May 11th. Can you believe that?! Corporate b.s. is so...b.s. Anyway...we're being optimistic for a short stay.

Our trip out was mostly uneventful. The scenery was nice when it wasn't raining. The Smokey Mountains were nice. I loooove mountains and trees. I miss seeing that out my door everyday. *sigh* Lydia threw up once the first day. The 2nd day we bought dramamine. :) Today we just chilled and relaxed and swam. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Atlantic. So I should have more pictures and stories soon. Later taters!

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