Sunday, February 17, 2008

Learned a new word today

Are you familiar with a clay color "argent"? I wasn't. Until today.
I have been looking at Carol Blackburn's bead book (page 52 to be exact) and it refers to argent as a clay color. There was only a picture of the finished bead, so I was left assuming it was a metallic color.

I googled color charts for all the clay brands and could not come up with anything. So I googled 'argent' and with my mad color skills determined it was either white or silver. Or maybe pearl. :) (Keep in mind I'm about as color saavy as a straight guy.)

So I went to the terribly messy clay drawer and started checking labels. It was an ooold package of SIII silver that also said argent. Bingo!! Now I know.

See...that mooshy old SIII can be useful after all. :)


Ameixinha Verde said...

I might be saying something terribly stupid... but "argent" means money in french, right? So it does make some sense that "argent" is used to describe silver.
If it has nothing to do with this.. well.. it was a good try! :)

beadworx said...

Well, argent means Money AND silver in french - the word has it's origin in latin: argentum = silver


Rita Ameixa Maria said...

Ah! I was half right... yei!!!

Rita Ameixa Maria said...

Ups... I'm the same person from up there...
Ameixa... Ameixinha... All the same. :)

Sarah said...

Also, this is why silver is Ag on the periodic table of elements

Just keeping on with the learning theme :)