Monday, February 04, 2008

Bite me!

That's the eloquent comment I wanted to leave a doofus on youtube today. I get a constant trickle of comments and messages each week regarding my videos. 99% of the time they are positive and polymer clay oriented. When I do get a comment from some dumbbutt troll I just delete it and roll my eyes.

But the past few days I've gotten 3 back-to-back comments from different people commenting on the long length of the videos. I know they are long videos. Hell, before days of editing them they were twice as long! They are a lesson. An entire lesson, I hope. I want a newbie to be able to watch those videos and feel like, "Hey...I can do that. Right now!" So I make no apologies for rambling on like I do. :)

Anyway, back to the comment. This morning I check my emails and find a new video comment. I check them out immediately b/c I want to reply quickly if someone has a legit question. This morning's comment simply read, "Tooooooooo loooooooong".

My first reaction was to reply "Biiiiiiite meeeeeeee!" :) My second thought was to delete it. But I finally decided to comment back. I basically told the person to shut up and go away. **big sigh**

Just this past week I started working on notes for 2 new videos. A youtuber requested some info that should make a fairly short, informative video. And I have a personal tool tip I've been wanting to share that will make another fairly short video. Even before the Time Police Posters annoyed me I was trying to keep "short and sweet" in mind. I know that I talk very slowly AND I ramble on a lot. It's something I don't like about the old videos, but it's WAY too much work to remake them. So I'm trying to learn from past mistakes and improve on future videos. But dang it!!! Those ninnies totally pissed me off. Talk about taking the fun out of something. Big dumb dummyheads! My Mom always taught me to take the high road and be the better person and all that crap. But today I just needed to complain. So....thanks for listening.


Michael said...

That's so annoying! Some people have a gift for making others feel bad.

Try not to let those few stupid people ruin it for you (and all the people who have enjoyed and learned from your tutorials).

They're probably jealous of the skill, know-how, and initiative it takes to make your videos. If they're so great at it, why aren't they making some of their own?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michael... I'd have said 'bite me' too!!!

Keep up the great DETAILED videos....


Angela said...

I hear ya, sister! It can be so disheartening to get those negative comments. I was complaining to hubby about this (again) a few weeks ago, and he said, "I don't know why you don't just disable comments." (He always has such logical answers!) I didn't go *that* far -- I still want folks to be able to ask legit question. But for my latest videos I set it to where I have to manually approve comments, to prevent the really awful ones from ever showing up. We'll see if that makes any difference.

As for the length, I think your lessons are fine. Some folks just have a short attention span & want to learn things without any effort. It's generous for you to share so much, & people who *really* want to learn appreciate the extra details the longer videos allow.

Looking forward to your new videos!

France said...

Your little grumpy smilie is hilarious! For every person who does leave such a comment, there's heaps who appreciate the information provided. Just ignore them! If it's too long, they can go and watch something else, can't they? I'm sure no one is forcing them to watch and comment.
Ignore and know you are loved :) evey by people who don't even know you!

I agree with angela and "short attention span"! LOL! If it's longer than a Much Music clip, they can't stand it :)


France said...

urgh, i hate typos!
evey -> even

Susan T said...

OMG Christie,
Your posts are such great day starters! I always laugh. Your videos are not too long and your "ramblings" are what make them so informational. Don't change a thing. Just remember there's always going to be someone who needs to make themselves feel important or knowledgeable and they think this is the way to do it. I'm sure your mom also said "Just consider the source"!!!

Christie said...

Thank you ALL for the kind, encouraging words! EACH comment made me smile. Thank you! :)

Angela, thank you for bringing up comment moderation. I think I'll make that change. Forgot all about it. DUH.

Just last week I was watching a metalsmithing-related youtube tutorial. It was a GREAT video and I learned a lot. But I still had (what I thought was) a relavent question, and other viewers might benefit from knowing the answer as well. BUT....the video didn't allow comments! Which made me feel like the video creator was simply pimping their website and NOT really interested in helping others learn. Whether that's true or not, I'll never know....but it still turned me off.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what a coincidence, I just sent you an email (to i think) telling you how helpful you are, and now i read this. Well as long as the positive comments outweigh the negative one...its all good. In your case, its outweighed like nobody's business!!! I hope you got my email! take care and let all your feelings out, I always say!

Anonymous said...

You are very wise to remember the teaches of your youth and to practice those things that your wise mom taught you, but you know, sometimes "BITE ME, Butthead!!" just works too.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

oppd, typo......the TEACHINGS of your wise mom. ;o)

cindy said...

Hi Christie,

You are absolutely adorable, funny and smart. There are always going to be negative people out there (they have their own issues and feel the need to make others feel miserable...don't let them). I have started collecting supplies (there are alot one needs for this hobby) and watching videos online (while waiting for Amazon to send a book). If I was to ask for anything it would be a very basic video...from step 1 to a completed necklace.
Keep up the great work. You are a big help!!!
Just ignore the idiots. "Normal" people who watch the videos are all appreciative of your efforts. :)
All the best.
Austin, TX