Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aw look!

It's a real baby!

We lucked into another ultrasound yesterday. Dr. could not find the heartbeat using the little doppler thingy, so she did a quick ultrasound to make sure the heartbeat was normal. (it was) But look! It looks like a real little baby now. Just 4 weeks ago it looked like a lima bean blob.
I labeled the picture for those of you who aren't ultrasound savvy. :) From what I read, the bean is now 2.5 inches long and weighs a whole half ounce.

My doctor is awesome. Yesterday she asked "So how many more times are we doing this?" I answered "None. I'm done." She replied, "Oh, ok!" And the conversation ended with smiles all around. Sooo much different (and nicer!) than my previous Dr. Old Fart. Who started EVERY damn appointment with "So, are we scheduling a tubal??"
Ugh!! Good riddance Old Fart!! :)


Anonymous said...

wooo, hello little baby! :) I'm so glad you have a happier doctor now!

Anonymous said...

awww.. hi baby bean :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Hope you're feeling better!

Ameixinha said...

Isn't that jut the sweetest thing?
Are you going to want to know if its a bow or a girl when the doctor is able to tell or are going to wait and be surprised?

Anonymous said...

I'm waaaay behind on blog reading, but I just saw this and wanted to say congratulations! I love it when they look like actual babies in there and not just lumps :-)