Monday, February 25, 2008

4 down

As in 4 of our 5 people down with stomach flu. Blech! Last Tuesday (19th) Emily and I went to the grocery store, W@lm@rt, and the PO. In one of those places Emily picked up a nasty stomach virus. By 6:45 the following morning she woke up vomiting. Poor thing could not keep ice chips down!
By 3am the following morning I woke up with it. Same story, only middle of the nite.
By about 9am (same morning) Lydia had it. By 8pm that evening Garrett was vomiting too. FUN!

Thank goodness Aaron was already off work Wednesday, and took off the rest of the week to nurse us all. Oh my gosh...he saved my bacon. Oh yeah...Aaron never got it. I call him my alien husband. He never gets sick. It's the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. (especially since I was the kid who practically got her mail delivered to the pediatrician's office growing up!)

ANYWAY. The vomiting passes in 4-6 hours, but the sensitive tummies last much longer. The girls are still dealing with liquid hineys, and poor Emily threw up 2 more times just last nite. Apparently she's inherited Mom's super sensitive tummy. :(

We're all recovering. Some of us slower than others. Looks like the girls and I will snuggle and hold down the couch for yet another day. Aaron is back at work today. We had him home for 11 days. It was really nice and he got a bunch of (hidden) progress done on the house. But that post will have to wait for another day. Looking at this screen still makes me queasy. For now I'm outa here. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh :( I'm so sorry!

Feel better soon. All of you! *hugs*