Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cracks! Cracks! Everywhere cracks!

Have you looked around your house lately and thought, "This room looks drab...I need to paint"? Well let me share some photos with you and make you feel a lot better about your own room. That's's house renovation story time!

Remember when I gave you peek into the basement and the beginnings of Aaron's releveling job? It's been slowly progressing. He's replaced lots of floor supports, installed new support pillars, and has been releveling like mad. Before I share pics I need to tell you...a lot of GOOD has come of the releveling. Several doors close and latch that didn't before. The stairs and the upstairs hallway don't squeak anymore. And let me tell you...every freakin' stair and inch of it used to squeak and moan loudly. SO annoying!
Anyway. You know how it goes in home fix one problem and create 5 new problems. Well check these out! It's probably more like fix 1-create 11. :)

The front door area.

The living room. This is the biggie. OMG. In this corner the floors had sunk about 2 1/2"! Remember, this house appears to have not been leveled in 87 years.

Stairway landing. Basically beside and above the previous area.

Standing on the landing looking down to the front door. That overhead area is the closet area in Lydia's room.

Same overhead area. See how the crack goes ALL the way up? Yeah. I'm expecting Lydia's closet to relocate itself to the front door area any day now.

Dining room. Those cracks are under the staircase area.

Dining room. This floor-to-ceiling one is behind the 2 1/2" area in the living room.

2nd living room looking towards main living room. Again, attached to the 2 1/2" wall. You might be able to see yet another large crack back there above the tv armoire.

SO! Don't you feel better about your house now? LOL!
All the walls here are old-timey plaster. It will be a messy job when he replaces them with sheetrock. Fun fun! :)


Anonymous said...

You have the patience of a saint! I do not have crack envy! Holy smokes, you two have some work on your hands. I wish I could be there to help! It's going to look fab when it's all done!

April said...

Holy Cow!!!!

I hope it's all mostly surface stuff!

Ren said...

Goodness, that could be our place. All of our walls in just about every room have cracked badly because the clay soil we're on has dried out (we're in a major drought at the moment) and the house has shifted a little. Ugh!