Friday, January 18, 2008

Bulleted Friday

  • It is sooo cold. I can't get warm. The gas stove hasn't been off HIGH for 2 days. All our little space heaters follow us around from room to room. I have burners going on the (gas) stovetop. It's just damn cold.
  • I haven't stepped foot in the Happy Room all week. There has been no desire to do so. I have lots of ideas too! Just zero motivation or energy.
  • Our trip to Ft. Worth this weekend has been canceled.
  • We had a $335 gas bill to pay this month. OUCH. And they won't do "average billing" until we've lived here a year. Thanks natural gas're a big help!
  • They are laying people off at Aaron's work again. 8 people. He's not really in danger of being let go, but it still makes me anxious, ya know? Last time they laid off 3 people 2 days before xmas. Niiiice. (Luckily Aaron had heard rumors of it and helped 1 of the guys get another job.)
  • I started hanging out at the Cagey Crafters message forum again this week. They are a nice bunch of people. I hope they can help me grow in my metal smithing and maybe I can share some clay knowledge in return.
  • I have 2 ideas for new video tutes. But those things take days to complete. I want to make them, but like I said before, motivation is lacking.
  • I am still a crazy mean ogre witch these days. The only reason my family has not voted me off the island is they will go hungry and be without clean clothes if I leave. Oh...and also because I'm pregnant. I'm about 7 weeks along and due Sept. 3rd-ish. (as I figure it)
Don't ya like how I just tossed that in there at the end? :) We are very excited and happy about it. We both wanted #4. And now we will be done. Nowadays we're big weirdos for having (and wanting!) 4. I don't understand why public opinion has changed so over the years. When our parents and their parents were kids, 6 siblings was no big deal. **big shrug** I dunno.
Anyway, so far this one is being really hard on me. I'm a wreck. Feel like caca. I go to the doctor for the 1st time Monday. Hopefully we'll get a clean bill of health and this hardest part will pass soon. Until then I'll try to resist the urge to publically rant and rave like a lunatic. :)


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering when you'd spill the beans on #4.. or is that #4 and #5 like I dreamed? Okay.. okay, you can kick my ass now! Haha!!

Congratulations again. You know I'm absolutely giddy for you! =D

Hang in there.. drink a nice cuppa and snuggle with your babes.


Susan Turney said...

Congratulations Christie!!! I don't know about public opinion but I'm thrilled for you. I'm an only child and have always wished I had brothers and sisters!!! I still do at 62!!!!! They'll always have each other through the years and two do such a good job creating!!!!! Feel good soon!

Michael said...


I think you're the third person whose blog I read to announce a pregnancy, in the past week or two! And all three of you have commented on the exhaustion! (g)

I hope you'll soon be feeling energetic enough to venture into the Happy Room-- and that you won't freeze to death in the meantime. ;o)

Cindy said...

Congratulations Christie!!!

You make beautiful babies!!! I'm so happy for you! XOXOX

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! Wow, maybe you'll have twins and have five like me? Teehee! Exciting news!

nesiejean said...

Congrats to you and your lovely family!

I have 3 (all boys) and would have liked more (still would even tho my baby is 14 and almost 6 feet tall!).

Who cares about public opinion. You know what they say about opinions ...

Hope you feel better soon!

Christie said...

Gina, I am so happy to report you are NOT psychic! ;) Only 1 bean appears to be in there. Hallelujah!

Susan, thanks! I totally agree w/you about the only child issue. I've always felt like a lonely only.

Michael, thanks! I hope I'll be back in the Happy Room soon, too.

Cindy, thanks sweetie!

Laura, thanks! Today the doctor only found ONE bean. Whew!!

Nesiejean, thanks for the giggle. I know EXACTLY what they say about opinions. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang! You never know.. one could be playing hide-n-seek! ;)

Kim Cavender said...

Congratulations, C! I hope the putrid feeling ends soon.