Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday randomness

My old blogging friends already know that I looove bulleted lists. But for those of you newer crafty blogging friends....I love bulleted lists! LOL! So for this pop in, say hello, chat about many things post I'm going to use bullets. Yay!

  • We survived the ice storm with no interruption of power. For that we are extremely thankful. Extremely!
  • Aaron ordered a new laptop Sunday. He spent twice as much as I would have liked, but oh well. We'll have a super fast super spacious beast of a laptop soon.
  • Today I was a mass murdering baby killer. I cleaned Garrett's little 2 gallon aquarium his Granny & Poppy bought for his bday. I don't know WHY, but Granny bought 2 male and 1 female fish to occupy the thing. So 2 months later we have pregnant girly fish. AND some of those "mystery snails" hitched a ride to our house in the live plants she also bought and we have (had!) dozens of egg sacks stuck all over the aquarium.
    Did you know those snails are hermaphrodites? I didn't. I googled it today. Well this morning they lost (hopefully) all of their baby snail eggs. And as soon as Momma fish has her babies I'm dumping the ones that don't get eaten first.
  • I started and finished our xmas shopping this past weekend. Thank goodness. The only thing I have left to do is buy groceries for xmas meals. We don't do the 'typical' food for xmas, so I don't know yet what we'll eat. I'm thankful the shopping is done. I was in the holiday spirit for about 2 weeks. (That is unusual for me. Normally I never get in 'the mood'.) But the spirit has left me. Now I'm just ready to get it over with. Mom is spending xmas eve nite with us. I hope it goes smoothly. She is VERY very Santa-oriented and I (and Aaron) are very not. I hope that doesn't cause problems after the kids go to bed.
  • I am overdue to blog about a pc artist I discovered on Flickr over a week ago. This 2nd round of computer problems distracted me and I forgot. So look for that later this week.
  • Speaking of the clay...my brain is bubbling over with ideas lately. But I'm totally lacking the motivation and time to act on them. And that makes me all frustrated and grumpy.
  • I'm tossing around the idea of doing the training necessary to be a medical transcriptionist (from home of course). Aaron makes ample salary for our family, but I would love to pad the pocketbook more and hurry along this house remodel. When I mentioned it he looked at me like I had lost what's left of my mind. And he may be right. It would likely be the death of my clay time. But I don't know...I'll research it and chew on it a while.
  • Today is grocery shopping day. I need to make my list so I can get to the store. Woohoo. :0[

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Anonymous said...

That is quite the list! You really need to take a break, sit back, put your feet up and have a cuppa. :)