Friday, December 07, 2007

Computerless AGAIN

I swear, I think our 2 computers are connected on a deeper emotional level. When one is sick the other one follows it into the deep dark abyss. It's so damn annoying!!

The laptop took a crap again. (isn't that an eloquent phrase?!) :) Aaron has a theory that whatever part is inside the laptop and allows the internal battery to charge is not working any longer. So the new battery fixed the problem until it was completely drained of juice. It sounds logical to me. Because the laptop is doing exactly what it was the last time.
And the desktop....*insert big sigh here* poor old desktop...I think it needs to be put out to pasture. I have reformatted it a half dozen times in the past 2 weeks. It is finally so broke it won't even reformat any more! Half way thru reformat it tells me "partmgr.sys" is not working, or missing, or something like that. Again Aaron has a theory. He thinks windows service pack 2 has slowly killed it. I can't totally disagree with that. But I'm not a computer wizard and all I have is my 6 year old version of XP. (the cd actually says version 1.0 - wow!) So I guess the desktop is dead indefinitely. The thought of calling Gateway and spending 2 hours on hold to try and get an updated XP cd makes me nauseous.

This time around I'm using my FIL's old laptop. Aaron just happened to have it in the car. His Dad recently left a job here (to move to Conroe, TX - ew!) and Aaron is doing some part-time work for FIL's ex-employer for a while. And FIL's laptop had data on it pertaining to the employer's airplanes. So he left the laptop with Aaron. Sooooo....the laptop just happened to be in the right place at the right time! :)

Did you get all that? LOL! This has certainly been a whiny and confusing type post. I missed Claypen Chat this week b/c of the computers. Grrr!! And I have a new style of snowman earrings I'd like to upload. Grrr!! I guess for now I just need to take a deep thankful for Poppy's unintentional loaner...and go spend this xtra time at the clay table! :)

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Michael said...

How frustrating!!

Computers are such great tools, until they start behaving strangely and/or die. When my computer's working, I feel pretty tech savvy, but at the first sign of a glitch, I can't do much more than scowl and grumble. And ask my husband for help. ;o)

Good luck with the whole mess!