Friday, November 23, 2007

Post turkey chatter

I hope you all had a nice holiday yesterday. We did. We had our family gathering here, but my Mom was the chef. And she hit a home run. Everything was dee-licious and we even napped on the sofas after lunch we were so bloated and content. :) Actually I'm sitting here hungry for lunch right now, but can't get psyched up for turkey. As good as it was, I still want pizza or something. LOL!

We are still computer-less. Still!!! Our laptop has had the new battery in it for 2 days now. It has had plenty of time to charge but the laptop still won't boot up. *sigh* Oh how I wish I'd went to college to be a computer fixit person! It looks like we'll be buying a new laptop very soon. Unfortunately we wasted $110 on that new battery. Maybe I can ebay it. The whole situation is so frustrating.

Aaron has been spending his evenings and weekends in the basement. He's replacing rotten floor supports and basement seals before he levels the house. He has some of the wooden siding removed from the bottom of the house as well. That means the basement is exposed to the weather. We have heavy plastic sheeting providing a temporary break from the wind, but it's still damn cold in the house. We are dressed in 2 layers of clothes and jackets IN the house. It's crazy. He's making wonderful (and necessary) improvements to the house, and I know he's working as fast as he can, but DAMN. Ya know? :)
I have pictures of what he's doing. I will see about uploading them as is (which I hate to do) to my photo album. Visuals help explain the cold situation. :)

Ok, the low blood sugar shakes have set in. It's time to eat turkey whether I want it or not.

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