Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fuzzy thankful moment

This evening I am thankful for the following things. It's not a very "deep" list but then, I'm not in a very deep sort of mood. :)

  1. Eggnog. More specifically eggnogg with Mandarine Napoleon and apricot rum. :)
  2. The hellion kids are GONE.
  3. Warmth

    It's not attractive but it is now a working gas stove. It's keeping the living rooms a comfortable temperature. No more jackets required in the house. Yay!
  4. Working computers!!

    This is our working desktop. I had to reformat it and lose everything but at least it's working again. (Oh yeah, I remembered a box of music cds in the garage that had not been searched and it also held a few VERY important computer cds.) So YAY for random bits of memory! :)
    AND! Just moments after taking this picture Aaron got the laptop working again. He managed to get into BIOS and return it to the default settings. Whatever THAT means! So now we have TWO working computers. Two! Oh happy days!
  5. Little Miss Lydia's pigtails.

    They make me smile. She was busy eating M&M's and this was the best pic I could get. But you get the idea. Imagine a big glowing smile on that cute face. That's why we call her Sunshine.


Cindy said...

Lydia and her piggie-tails look just like Boo from Monsters, Inc.! Too cute!

Christie said...

OMG that's it!! I have been looking at that girl all afternoon and thinking, "there is some animated character she reminds me of....but who is it??" And that's it! It's Boo. Bless your heart, Cindy. Thank you! LOL!

Gina said...

I love the fireplace! And woohoo on two working computers!

Lydia is a dollface. She's growing up way too quickly!