Sunday, November 25, 2007

Basement work has begun

Okay boys and girls, it's time for a story about our basement. Yay! :)

Aaron's plan was to re-level and re-support the house. After some exploratory digging and poking around he discovered quite a bit of wood that had old termite and/or carpenter ant damage. So he started the rather large task of replacing floor beams and other important wooden components I don't know the names of. Then the day came that he needed to remove a large portion of the seal and some siding. This was our first look at the rotten wood.

With the rotten wood and the crumbling brick "support" walls, I don't know how this place is still standing! But according to Mr. Fixit it's all part of buying an old house that hasn't had the necessary TLC. He says, you just replace stuff and fix stuff and that's it! LOL! (He thinks he's invincible. But that's another story.) :)
A few hours later the new wood starts replacing the old.

He was so proud of his demolition.

Can you see inside that large hole? That's the inside of my house! Well, the basement. But still!

Just a couple days later the weather changed from 70's to 30's. It got cooooold in our house. So we now have this lovely plastic sheeting helping to keep the winter OUTside.

Here is a shot of the mess inside.

The basement is divided into 3 large rooms. This is the first one to get the repair and re-level treatment. So this project will be going on for quite some time.
Today Aaron's friend is here helping him. (unfortunately he brought his hellion kids along) They are installing a HUGE 20+ foot beam that will be held in place with new permanent pillars. When he's done, this house will be standing stronger than ever before. (If it doesn't break and fall down first!) :)


Kim Cavender said...

I love reading about your home repairs, Christie. Really! And, I hope the hellion kids go home soon.

Gina said...

What a guy! That is no little repair he's taking on. That's totally something we'd hire out. Only because we are getting older and lazy. ;)