Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Xmas shopping

Woohoo! I just bought my 1st xmas gift! Actually, I can probably consider my shopping for Aaron DONE now. LOL! We usually buy each other a gift, if we even buy that many. We prefer to spend the xmas money on the kids and parents.
This morning I happened to be flipping channels with Lydia while waiting for Emily to wake up and saw these DVD storage cases on QVC. I promptly ran downstairs to do a quick comparison surf and decided to buy 2 of them. We have about 200 movies so it will store them and give us a teeny bit of room to grow. Plus we're going to downsize to a smaller tv/entertainment armoire soon, so these will be GREAT!

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Melissa said...

Hi Christie,

This isn't really related to this particular post - I just wanted to say that I found your link to Shoozles home party blog entry at Art Bead Scene. Thanks so much for posting it - it was really interesting. Also - I love your skulls - they have so much personality! (Finally, I see that you're based in OKC. I grew up in Norman. Small world, eh?)