Monday, October 22, 2007

My cute kids

Today they are annoying the hell out of me, but they are still cute. :) I had a coupon for some free prints at MyPhotoAlbum so I uploaded a few pics and placed my order. While the pics are online I thought I'd share the cuteness.

Most of them are from this past weekend. Saturday we went to the zoo with my Mom, so I got some decent shots of the kids in front of nice green bamboo. Then yesterday (before the super chilly wet weather arrived) we walked downtown to a hay maze. It made a great backdrop for pictures, but I only got one good pic of Lydia. I wish she had been smiling more. She has great dimples! I also wish it didn't cost so much to get professional studio pics made. And that it wasn't such a HUGE hassle to get everyone pressed, dressed, primped, to the studio and HAPPY at the same time. Oh hell, while I'm wishing I'll wish I was a better photographer then I could take my own fabulous studio quality pics! LOL!


Susan Turney said...

Hi Christie!
They are sooooo cute and so is your mom! I think you can easily do studio-type pics! Just do a little cropping at one of the on-line spots you told me about. I picked BTW!

Gina said...

The kids are so cute! =D