Saturday, October 27, 2007

More kid pics

Aren't you excited?! :)
I seem to have momentarily gotten over my issue of sharing public pictures of the kids online. It's a wishy washy thing for me. I used to share myself and my family freely online. (I've been blogging since Garrett was a wee baby.) But that was before psycho ex's, divorce, adoption, etc. I still want my online friends to have access to some personal stuff, but I also want to protect my kiddos from the weirdos. So.....with all that rambling off my chest...I'll share some pics from yesterday.

The girls were fresh out of bed. Bed head, juice cups and all. They had decided to sit on the hearth and have their juice with the scarecrows. I tried to capture the kodak moments, but a perfect shot never happened. So I made a little animation of all the cute not-quite shots. :)


Gaile said...

They are SO freakin' cute!

OH, and my earrings arrived! THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I will show them off once I am past the "looking like death" stage of the flu.

Thanks for the little magnet too, it's SO cute.

Christie said...

Thanks, Gaile!
I was wondering about your earrings just yesterday. I'm relieved they arrived. (I always worry about packages traveling safely.) And you like them! WOOHOO!!! :)

Cindy said...

Good grief they're cute! Thanks for sharing them!