Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Missing my clay

Well...a little. Between my normal daily duties and the never ending to-do house list, I'm usually too mentally tired to feel creative. Most everything is unpacked. Except for a couple boxes of misc. items. And my craft room. My craft room is all boxes and mess. So far I've been in there twice to unpack it and I quickly got frustrated and left. Now I'm determined to get all my curtain sewing finished before I unpack the clay. I really don't enjoy sewing, and I'm trying to make clay time my reward for finishing the job. So far I've made four 7+ foot long panel curtains for downstairs, and four of NINE curtains for Emily's room. *insert big eye roll here* NINE windows in one little room?? That's just crazy. Then I'll make 2 more for Lydia's room, adjust Garrett's 2 existing curtains to fit his windows, and buy 12 more yards of fabric for 2 more large living room curtains. Woo-freakin-hoo.

Aaaaanyway...moving along. We've met 3 households of neighbors so far. All very nice people. The lady across the street even brought us homemade cookies and a candle! WOW! I wish I had a video camera. I'd love to go for a walk and take you on a tour of our neighborhood! Hell, I'd love to take you on a tour of our house! LOL! Oh well. Maybe Santa will bring me a video camera for xmas. :)

Since I'm not claying yet, I'll share some family pics with you and then be off on my way. Here is Garrett on his 9th bday. He wanted this little cupcake lizard cake and sparkle candles. I couldn't resist such a simple bday request.
Garrett's 9th
Same evening, here is my Mom with Emily and Lydia. The kids call her Gammy.
Gammy & her girls
And finally, here is Lydia the fearless.
This was in the garage of our old house. We were storing a friend's Harley for a few days. I thought she looked cute motoring around the big bike. :)


Lissa said...

Great pics! Kids grow up so fast!! So glad you have some nice neighbors! I don't really care for most of ours LOL!

That's um...ah...alot of curtains to make!I'd be inclined to get some blinds from wal mart and call it done...oh yeah...I did do that *snicker* I did make valances once...only for 2 windows though. Glad you finally got in the house and all is well for you..now..on to the craft room!

Gaile said...

That is a lot of curtain sewing. You're impressing me all to heck with your domestic skills, Mrs. Wright!