Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Girly curtains

I've been mildly crafty. Not in the way I'd like to be, but it's better than nothing! :) Emily's room (window hell) is looking better. ALL the rooms still look pitiful because of the stale paint and bazillion screw holes in the walls, but every little bit of newness helps. Anyway, Emily's room. The curtains are all sewn and 3 of the 9 have the fluffy accents. See:

I'm gluing the yarn on. It's not hard, just tedious. I'm using 2 rows of green with 1 row of pink on top. It's like gluing on 30 yards of fake eyelashes!!
When they are complete, those white sash rods will be in the bottoms securing them to the windows. And metal rods will go up top with custom flower finials (polymer clay of course) on each end. I'm thinking they will be the same color as the tiny flowers in the ribbon loops. It will be so cute it's nauseating. :)
Here's a closer view of the yarn. I am not hip with the yarn lingo, so I'll just describe the green as a thinner eyelash yarn and the pink as super fluffy and soft. LOL!

And Miss Lydia's curtains are almost done. (I swear I canNOT finish a project immediately.) Mom made her curtains one afternoon while she was here, and I have sewn bead dangles on one of them.

They are very cute in person. Just a teeny bit of sparkle. I have very little pink in my bead collection. I haven't bought beads in years. And I didn't start liking pink until after Emily was born. So I really scrounged for ANY pink beads. The fabric was $1.00 a yard. I'm not spending money on beads. It's thrifty decorating at my house. :)


Susan Turney said...

Both rooms look beautiful and what fun for little girls. I'm sure they feel like little princesses!!!! What fun!

Gina said...

Really really adorable!!

Cindy said...

These are so cute it's sick! :-) Love it!