Friday, October 05, 2007

Cool basement finds

Last nite we ventured into the basement after the kids were in bed. It started with discussing the wonderful ornate door knob on the kitchen/basement door.

There are several of them in the house, but they are disguised with layers of white paint. :(
Then we went down the stairs looking at the cool original wallpaper. Once in the basement I mentioned that I liked the woodwork on the door that divides the two basement rooms. The door has always been open, but last nite Aaron decided to peek at the other side. He had to fight with the rusty old hinges, but look at what we found!

Isn't that a neat old door?! And it's been in a basement! Even neater still, we had already decided on a sage green color for the outside of the house. And tossing around ideas for accent colors. Creams, charcoal, other greens. Now we're going to take this door out, clean it, and try to match the colors for our outside colors. It's a sign. LOL!

We also found some basement tenants. These slimy slugs were hanging out in the far back area of the basement.

Their "territory" was all shiny with slug trails. They made me smile. I kind of like slugs. Their wall was adjacent to a retaining wall. I've never been in a basement this big before. It's fascinating. There are several 5 foot retaining walls with plain old earth behind them! We can totally bury the bodies of our daughters' future boyfriends down there. :) I took several flash pics of the dark creepy areas between the "earth" and the ceilings above it. I was expecting to find interesting things in my downloaded pics. Not so. Just dirt and cobwebs. Oh well. I guess in this case boring is good.
Ok, I'll stop rambling on about our basement. I'm guessing it's not as fascinating to you as it is to me. :)


Lissa said...

Gorgeous old door and doorknobs!No ghosties in the basement?? I've been watching Ghost Hunters lately...glad you're all in and happy birthday to your DS!

Susan Turney said...

Hey Christie,
What a treasure trove...the door knobs and doors are beautiful! All I can say about the slugs is "ick, yuk, eeeeuuuwww!!!! But I'm glad you like them!!!! :)

Gaile said...

The doorknobs are cool, the door is very cool, but the slugs? EWWWW!! We have them here. I hate hate HATE them. Ever stepped on one with bare feet and then tried to get rid of it? I am shuddering just remembering...

But your new house looks very interesting, and I can't wait to see more photos!

Gina said...

How neat! Reminds me of the show If Walls Could Talk. And that door is fab. I love it!

The slugs.. ew!! LOL

Polka Dot Creations said...

You might want to remove this post someday when those boyfriends come calling - you wouldn't want their disappearances linked to you through a simple google search ;-)

Kim Cavender said...

Christy, you are so funny! What a cool basement, so many treasures and slugs to boot! I'm so glad you got this wonderful old house. I know you and your family will bring it back to life and make many happy memories there.