Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm scared to say this

But we have an official closing day & time. I'm not joking! I'm actually nervous to say this out loud for fear of putting further jinx on the whole damn thing. So lean in...I'm going to whisper. :)

We're scheduled to close Friday at 11 a.m.

Can you say cutting it close!?! Holy crap. This is our original closing date we asked for when we were planning to give our 30 day notice on October 1st. Not September 1st. OY!
Anyway....(taking a deep breath)....we will hopefully take possession by noon Friday. Then bust ass the rest of the weekend to meet our deadline here. The carpet guys are still scheduled for tomorrow a.m. Today we're working on moving as much to the garage as possible.

Speaking of, I better get back to work. I just wanted to share the good news! Bye for now. :)


Menagerie said...

I wish you well. I have been through this process and it is nerve wracking until the very end. But, once you are in your new home it is all worth it.

Susan T said...


Gina said...

YES! Good thoughts zooming your way!! -xoxo

Lissa said...

YAYA!! Hope it all went through!! I've been wondering about you for awhile as the end of the month approaches!! (((hugs)))

Gina said...

Hope all went well!!

Gaile said...

Did it happen? Do you have the house? I can't hold my breath any longer!!