Thursday, September 20, 2007

A bright idea?

More times than not I wonder if this house is meant to be ours. It's just one problem after another. Remember how the selling bank had us jump thru many hoops to make sure all our paperwork was 100% accurate and A-OK? Well guess who's holding up the closing now because of their own inaccurate paperwork?!? You guessed it! The name on the title does not match the name on the other documents. And now the bank is being unresponsive and postponing our closing date even further. We have given our 30 day notice and must be out of this house by the 30th. I've scheduled carpet cleaners for the 27th! I was going to schedule a walk-thru with the property manager the 28th, but I may postpone it until the 1st. Today Aaron was told that we might close the 26th or 27th. *insert ginourmous sigh*

So about 3pm I had a bright idea. I suggested that we get busy packing up. Everything! Everything except overnight bags. Then we store everything out to the garage and completely clean the house. Get everything finished except for the carpet cleaning. THEN we take a little vacation for a few days. I was really just spewing and venting, but Aaron thought it was a brilliant idea. LOL!

And we almost put the idea into action. But then reconsidered. We will spend the weekend packing and cleaning. Aaron will go to work Monday as usual. And we'll just continue to wait. (Oh how I'd like to tell that bank to take that house and shove it!!)

SO. I guess this is me signing off for a while. I need to step away from the computer and get things done. I'll see you when I see you! Hopefully from our new house and not from a hotel room Oct. 1st! Later taters!


Lissa said...

(((hugs))) I hope it works out for you! I can't believe they are dragging their feet like that! PITA'S :p

Praying that your next post will be from your new house!

Susan said...

Oh, Christie!
I'm so damn mad at that bank! Don't you wish they'd just stop for a moment and put themselves in your shoes? If they'd think about it, they wouldn't allow this to happen to anyone in their families. I can only hope all this BS is just a "trial" and your house will be a wonderful home soon!!!

Gaile said...

Good luck with everything, Christie! Banks can be such pains, but hopefully this will all be over soon and you'll be moving into your new home. (my fingers are crossed for you)

Polka Dot Creations said...

Buying a house is so frustrating! I hope it all works out well for you :-)