Monday, August 06, 2007

Pitas everywhere!

Who knew there could be so many pains in the ass involved in buying one little old house? *big sigh* We are still....can you guess it? Waiting!! Come to find out, the selling realtor is not the biggest pita. The bank who owns the house is! annoying these people. I'm guessing they have never seen the house and are not local. I'm guessing the house is merely a file and data to them.

They have still not accepted our offer! First we had to show proof of insurance. We did that. Then we waited. Now we have to get it inspected and appraised and show proof that it passes all that before they will accept our offer. What the hell? Apparently the bank is afraid to accept our offer and take the house off the market. They think insurance, appraisal, and inspections will not materialize in the closing procedures and the entire deal will fall through. And during the time the house has been off the market, they will have missed a buyer. Gooood grief!!

On paper they see: the house is 87 years old, it has been in foreclosure twice in the last year, and the price has been dropped 50K from the original asking price. But the house is fine! At least it appears so. It's just in need of TLC. It is not falling down around itself. It is not in a bad neighborhood. It has not been vandalized or abused. It just needs all the PITAS to get out of the way so our little family can buy it!!! *sigh*

The appraiser is scheduled to do his thing Wednesday at 4pm. Aaron and our realtor will be there to show him the house. We see no reason why the house will not appraise for the selling price. But still, all this waiting has made us an anxious mess. Please oh please keep your fingers crossed for us Wednesday afternoon! IF the appraisal goes well and the bank finally accepts the offer, it should only be a matter of the usual paperwork after that. "If"....."should"......UGH!!!!


Cindy said...

My fingers are tightly crossed!!! Please update as soon as you can!

April said...

Good Luck!

Gina said...

I hope that you hear something soon. You're in my thoughts and fingers are crossed! xoxo

Nanny said...

GOOD KARMA.....GOOD KARMA....GOOD KARMA!!!!!! I'll check back this evening for an update....give the kiddos big hugs for me :o) hang in there.