Friday, August 17, 2007

On a personal note

To start on a positive's a few pics from Lydia's 1st bday party back in July. We had family over for chili cheese hotdogs, cake and ice cream.

Now for the not so positive note. The latest ridiculous bullsh!t going on (or NOT going on) with the yellow house. Oh.My.Gosh. I am so frustrated and fed up with the entire situation. **sigh**
The appraiser wasted an entire week. "He could not find adequate comps in the area." The problem is this: Other same size/age homes in the area are either A) in bad disrepair and appraise for 30K less, or, B) are in perfect condition and appraise for 50K more. Neither of these will make for comps that the underwriters will accept. And the loan will be rejected before closing.
So after a week of waiting on appraiser #1, the loan guy gets help from appraiser #2. #2 wasted another 2 days. He comes back to loan guy and says "The house will easily appraise for asking price if they fix A, B, and C." NO!!!! The house is bank owned and sold as-is. That sort of appraisal is no good to us. So loan guy goes back to #1. Yesterday loan guy goes to #1's office and they work together to find the proper comps.

The final result: They find an almost identical house! And it's selling for 30K more. Loan guy says this house will work for us. YES!! But get this....the house is selling. As in not sold yet. It is in Sale Pending status. We can not use it as a comp until it sells. ARGH!!!!!!! Today loan guy is trying to find out a closing date on this comp house. I hope it's closing TODAY. Good grief. Now we're waiting on even more people! If this one comp house doesn't sell, we're basically screwed. Lovely.

I told my friend, Scott...this is either not meant to happen OR it's a huge life lesson in patience and perseverance paying off. I hope it's the latter. Life lessons SUCK while you're learning them.


Polka Dot Creations said...

What a pain in the neck! I think house buying is so stressful - so many places where the deal can fall through, many of them out of your control. I don't know how people who move a lot do it. I parked my rear end in this house almost 10 years ago, and I'm not going anywhere unless I am dragged :-)

Lissa said...

AWW! Was hoping to finally hear some good house news! Sounds like a load of major crapola to me *shaking fist at appraiser*

Very cute slide show of the kids!Looks like they sure were good chili dogs!!

Susan T said...

Hi Christie,
Jeez....major pain. When my ex-husband and I first moved here, we found a wonderful house and thought it was ours....but lots of BS went on and we didn't get it. As it turned out the neighborhood went to hell a couple of years later. I always thought maybe that was the reason and our "angels" were looking out for us!
Your children are sooooo adorable. And obviously happy, happy kids!
I love the new pendant!