Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here we go again

That title makes me think of White Snake song. :)

Today we submitted official offer #2 on the house. It included all the necessary paperwork the bank wants to see (insurance and appraisal stuff). The deadline for their answer is Sept. 1. It really doesn't matter though. They operate on their own time schedule. (peckerheads!)
Anyway, IF this one works the proposed closing date is Sept. 28th.

That comp house we were waiting on...get this! It's an owner financed deal. The sale won't officially close for A YEAR! So the loan guy says we are going to continue on with the other comp houses and hope for the best. He "thinks" they should work. But if you've ever bought a house you know the underwriters can kill the whole deal. The comps are there to make the picky underwriters happy. Soooo......if you aren't arthritic yet, please keep it all crossed! :)

Oh, get this! Remember the pita selling realtor? It seems she and our realtor have been cat fighting over a totally different house. Our realtor has been given an REO home to sell in this same outer-metro city. Pita calls him and demands him to "hand over the REO home". According to her (who knows if this is valid or ego), she is THE reo realtor west of the metro and that home is hers to sell. Can you believe this woman?!?
Honestly, I don't know if her demands are valid. I'm just passing on gossip basically. (shame on me) But our realtor told her NO. He told her to produce papers from the selling bank that proves it is her house to sell. Otherwise she can piss off.

Sooooo....he pissed her off BIG TIME just before our #2 offer got submitted. Gee thanks Mr. Realtor man! However, he said (he said-she said) that when he submitted our offer it was prefaced with something like: "I am putting my ego aside and I hope you will do the same. This offer needs to be pushed through. If it is not (because of said cat fight) there will be repercussions." Good grief. Can this thing get any more dramatic??


Lissa said...

I hope it goes through for you...finally!Peckerheads...hehehehe!!! Sorry about the non payer...do they have any feedback previously? I had one I thought was going to be a non payer and in the end , she did. I also sent her a free pair of earrings, and she thought that it ws something that fell off the necklace she bought...pitas..I like that word..gonna steal it :)

Gaile said...

House buying down there sounds harder than up here in Canada (eh).

Sorry. I hope things start to fall together and soon! I love that phrase (peckerheads)...have known a few of them myself.

My fingers continue to be crossed.