Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thinking out loud

I've been thinking about closing down I have mixed feelings about it, so I'm going to think out loud. Feel free to chime in and comment if you like. I'm always open to feedback. :)

I just checked Go Daddy. I've had since February 2002. Wow! I get a fair amount of search engine traffic which is good. But I almost never make any sales thru the website. Granted, there are very few items for sale. I just don't have the time to churn out 10 new items a week. I don't know that it would matter if I did. And little-to-no sales is ok. I don't create with polymer clay for the money. I do it because I enjoy it. I try to sale a few things so I can use that money for clay money. It's a vicious cycle. :) The website costs me $12.00 a month. That's $288.00 a year in the hole.

The website is VERY convenient. I have my own email address, plenty of file storage space (which is use), I used to use it to blog but that's no more. Anyway, there are things about it I would really miss. Changing my primary email after 5 years would be a biggie! I'd want to save my family photo album (200+ pictures) and all my old blog posts. I just checked that too. Holy crap! 634 posts since August 2003! Anyway, I'd need to make sure those were safely on disk before I closed it. And I'm really not sure how to do that!

I could move all my for sale items to my Etsy store. Who knows...I might have better luck there. I could use freebies like flickr and gmail for photo storage and email.

I just don't know what I want to do. I know Aaron would say, "Why change things? 12 bucks a month is no big deal." He says, "That's what hobbies are for. You spend money on them. But you enjoy what you're doing!" LOL! And I agree with that. But I'm a frugal old fart. I hate going into the red.

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, "Think..think..think!" :)



I think a blog is a way to go because it is free and your customer get to interact with you, unlike the website. You can still use your domain name and transfer all the data to your blog. Put pictures on, put your jewelry on Etsy. I think $288 a year you can get a lot of clay out of that. Blog rules. It will replace website soon.

Susanna said...

I agree with silastones, a blog is the way to go....I usually see your new work when you post pics on Flickr. I also watch your LiveVideo tutorials mostly. I've visited your Etsy shop too! is the place I've visited least...just thought that info would help!

Polka Dot Creations said...

You should be able to keep your domain name without the web package. Forward to this blog address or to your etsy shop. You may even be able to do email forwarding so that people can still send messages to the old address, but the mail will actually be stored someplace else. You can accomplish a lot with forwarding. Even if you end up changing your email address, at the very least you should keep and use it to forward to something free. I have a few domain names registered through and they only cost me $10/year.