Monday, July 23, 2007

A new old house?

If you are only here for the clay, look away now. It's time for a non-crafty post. :)

We have been sporadically house hunting for 6 months now. We've put in offers on two houses so far and both deals fell thru. Every once in a while we get the urge to look, and we do. Our sweet real estate agent has shown us countless homes all over the metro area. From the plain jane to the big hoity toity.

Recently, on a whim, we drove 10 miles west to the next town away from the metro. It turned out to be a nice smaller town. (About 16,000 people small.) Lots of older homes in pretty little neighborhoods with sidewalks. We were pleasantly surprised with what we found. And the prices of homes there....WOW. Talk about cheaper!! I think it's because they have nuclear mosquitoes in that town. I shit you not. I am a mosquito magnet...always have been. I get all puffy and itchy when bit. But in this town, the bites burn. I got attacked each time I got out of the car and my skin felt like it was on fire. It was bizarre!

Anyway....back to the title. We returned to the town this weekend to seriously house hunt. And we found one! We even put an offer in on it today. It's in one of "those neighborhoods" I spoke of earlier. Right now the house isn't very pretty, but it's been neglected. It's 87 years old. I wish I were architecturally savvy and I'd tell you what type of house it was. Sorry. :) It's 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2319 square feet, and on a nice tree shaded corner lot. It's a fixer-upper but it's not a money pit. (at least I hope not!) It's one of those homes that can easily become a slow several year project.

We are excited. Aaron is really excited. Really! I have not seen him excited like this before. I know his Home Depot card is burning a hole in his pocket already. :)
I have 3 pictures to show you. Unfortunately they all suck. LOL! This first pic is from the real estate website. It makes it look small and ugly when actually it's large and only slightly ugly. LOL!
We have big plans for the exterior. When we are finished there will be new architectural elements and an amazing paint job. It will hopefully look like a "painted lady".

Here are 2 satellite pics giving you a small feel for the neighborhood. This shows a real painted lady home across the street as well as a large beautiful home next door. Again, I wish I knew architecture lingo.
And you would not believe the house across the side street! It is amazing. We found the specs on the house. Over 8,000 sqft!!, 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. It's 3 stories with those big white pillars around the front porch. It's very neglected but someone bought it at auction recently. I hope it gets restored to something fabulous. (Being our luck it will turn into a brothel or ginormous crack house. :) )

Ok. So I'm asking you to please send positive accepted offer vibes our way. A bank owns the house. The last bank owned house we tried to buy fell thru. Even tho this house will be a lot of long term work, it's an exciting possibility. We would raise our kids in this home. And even have room to add one more! :)
Cross your fingers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christie,
Everything I have is crossed!!!! It looks like a great neighborhood and sounds like maybe you would even get a "studio"! With all the stuff you want to do, you probably won't be claying that much for awhile but you'll be having fun painting and decorating! And you can clay to relax, hopefully!
I'll be waiting to hear the results of your bid!

Susan Turney said...

Hey again, Christie.
I didn't mean to be "anonymous". My stupid toolbar wants to sign for me and I hit something wrong!! Anyway, good luck!

Susanna said...

Good luck! The house looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Christie, I am sending((((((good house buying vibes))))))) your way. It really does look like a great neighborhood and a fun house to fix up.
Advice for skeeter bites: Whenever I am bitten I run for the dish washing liquid or some other liquid soap. Rub a dab directly on the bite and it will take the itch away. I dont know why it works. I read it in Hints from Heloise years ago. Boy I guess that shows my age huh? Good luck

Gaile said...

Good luck!!

Angela said...


I had a similar experience with the mosquitoes at my parents' house in Texas -- my husband suggested maybe it was slightly different species that caused a more severe reaction? Definitely gonna give the liquid soap suggestion a try -- thanks Pam!

Sure hope you get the house! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...

Nanny said...

OHHHHH I'm so excited for you guys...can I bring my tools and help???? I'm sending GREAT KARMA north :o) Love ya bunches, Deb