Thursday, July 26, 2007

House - waiting!

My original intention was for this blog to not be too personal. I wanted to tell the little stories behind my clay creations, but not really share too much personal life stuff. And that is still my goal. But! :) This house thing is going to be front and center for a while, so I'm going to talk about it as well. Besides, I think the house thing will open up conversation about color and design. And that sort of fits into the whole artsy fartsy theme, right?? :)

This has been a frustrating 4 days. Thanks to the seller's realtor. What a huge PITA she is. She received our offer Monday. She insisted on the offer be revised because she didn't like some of the wording. Then she balked because of insurance issues. She said the bank would not loan us money b/c the roof was not insurable. And that we needed to secure insurance first or the deal would not go through. (Not to mention she's been treating our realtor like her grandson or something.) The roof is fine! It's not brand new, but it's fine. She's just a know-it-all. I secured our insurance yesterday.

The seller has until 5pm today to accept/decline/counter our offer. We are anxious! This is our 3rd offer on a house. If they accept, and everything procedes, the closing date is August 17th. Wheeee!!!

Edited to add: As of 7:30pm Friday we haven't heard from the bank (seller). The PITA realtor said it's not unusual for things to take longer when dealing with a bank owned home. *sigh* This we already know. The first home we tried to buy was bank owned. That bank dragged out the counter offer process for like 2 weeks. It sucks that they don't have to play by the rules.
So....we wait. Thanks for all your positive thoughts though!! :)


Gina said...

OMG the potential of that house. Fab!!! I'd love to get my hands on it! :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you land it, and you can turn it into a real gem.

Good thoughts!!


Lissa said...

Have you heard?? Are you out celebrating? Hope you get it..that's an awesome house!! Melissa

Polka Dot Creations said...

I hope you get it! And do't fret too much about the personal posts. Even if they don't lead to discussio of color and design, it does help your readers get to know you. I think it's nice to see what makes an artist "tick." :-)

Cindy said...

Oh gosh that house is amazing! I hope everything comes together so it can be yours!!!

Good luck!